In.Touch 2

Ultimate Mobile Spa Access

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Connect to Unwind

The Perfect Remote Control for Your Spa

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Convenience is at the forefront of In.Touch 2’s remote access capabilities. With the In.Touch 2’s streamlined iOS or Android app, you can easily control and monitor your spa from anywhere in the world. Gone is the necessity of in-person monitoring. Instead, enjoy the ease and convenience associated with In.Touch 2’s wireless access to your spa.

Beyond the modern desire for remote control is the total peace of mind associated with 24/7 access to your hot tub. Whether you are gone for days, weeks, or even longer, you can trust in knowing your spa’s status is being continuously monitored by innovative and attentive technology. Should your spa’s features or water require maintenance, In.Touch 2 will alert you through easy access mobile notifications, even when your app isn’t open.

Preemptively turn on jets, raise your spa’s temperature, or program a dancing LED light show to perfectly complement your mood, all though your mobile device.