Complete Mobile Spa Access – OnSpa® Control System

by Apr 4, 2024

phone with arctic spas onspa app
Real-time monitoring and maintenance play a vital role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of hot tubs and spas. By identifying problems as they occur, maintenance can be performed promptly, preventing potential damage and ensuring the smooth operation of your hot tub. Arctic Spas’ exclusive OnSpa® control system enables timely issue detection, allowing you to perform proactive and optimized performance, instantly.

Key Features of OnSpa®

The OnSpa® control system offers a range of unique features that can enhance your hot tub experience.

EcoPack Integration: The core component of OnSpa® is the EcoPack, which is the onboard Arctic Spa® computer. Pairing the EcoPack with a home internet connection activates OnSpa®, providing users with all its benefits, such as remote control capabilities and continuous improvements in functionality.

Remote Monitoring and Control: OnSpa® enables two-way internet communication, allowing users to monitor and control their hot tub remotely from anywhere in the world through the Arctic Spa® App on their phone, or via a web portal.

Real-Time Access for Technicians: OnSpa® allows technicians to monitor and access your hot tub in real-time, from anywhere. This capability enables experts to detect issues proactively and provide maintenance or troubleshooting support remotely. This feature effectively enhances customer service and minimizes spa downtime.

Continuous Improvement through Data Analysis: The OnSpa® system collects data from thousands of Arctic Spa® units worldwide for ongoing analysis. This data is then utilized to enhance the energy efficiency, performance, and reliability of your spa. By detecting malfunctions and issues in advance, improvements can be made to ensure optimal operation.

Self-Diagnostic Function: OnSpa® features a self-diagnostic function that simplifies service issues by providing straightforward solutions. Most problems can be resolved quickly through this feature, ensuring efficient maintenance while minimizing disruptions to hot tub usage.

These unique features of the OnSpa® control system demonstrate its advanced technology, user-friendly interface, remote accessibility, and continuous improvement capabilities, making it a valuable addition to Arctic Spas® hot tubs for enhanced user experience and maintenance efficiency.